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San Pedro is a neighborhood located within the South Bay and Harbor region of the City of Los Angeles, California, United States. Formerly a separate city, it consolidated with Los Angeles in 1909. The Port of Los Angeles, a major international seaport, is partially located within San Pedro.

Explore where the past meets the present at the southernmost tip of Los Angeles! If you love living in an authentic coastal community where culture is valued, then San Pedro is the place for you.


Featuring beautiful weather year-round with ocean breezes and breathtaking views of Catalina island and the California coastline, San Pedro is your next adventure!

‍Uniquely located just 30 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles and LAX, San Pedro is a hidden gem of Los Angeles. With affordable housing for first-time home buyers and urban apartments, San Pedro offers an eclectic mix of a downtown by the sea inviting many to relocate.

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